American History Made Easy

An Engaging Review of American History for English Language Learners (ELL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) students

American-HistoryAmerica still is the world’s melting pot. And, our millions of newcomers still represent good news to a majority of Americans who welcome our nation’s ever growing diversity, Pew Research reports. We see these newcomers on campus: 1 million international students studied here last year, the highest number on record. We work with foreign-born colleagues. And, Pew also reports that the vast majority of Americans hope that these international students and employees—a growing number of our friends, coworkers and neighbors—will learn English and learn about our nation’s history.

As an educator with many years of experience in directing English as a Second Language (ESL) and cross-cultural programs, Kathleen Gripman spotted a troubling gap in the educational preparation of many international students. Learning the essentials of the United States’ history is a crucial educational milestone, but most overviews of America’s story are designed for reading levels beyond the literacy of most English Language Learners (ELL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) readers.

Gripman now is filling that gap with the richly illustrated and fun-to-read book American History Made Easy . The book begins with the meeting of European and native cultures in what is now the United States, after the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. The story continues through the American Revolution, the expansion of the nation in the 1800s, the Civil War and key events in America’s most recent century of challenges and triumphs. To make students’ studying easier, the book also includes supplemental materials, including study questions, the text of the U.S. Constitution, a list of American authors and recommended reading, a glossary and an index.

Kathleen Gripman designed her overview of American history for the millions of ELL and ESL students who are studying each year across the United States. “I know from my years in this field, that literacy is important to the students and business professionals who come here to be educated and employed. They need to be ‘up and running’ quickly and there is no material like this for them to learn from,” said Gripman about her hopes for the book.

The book can be used either in a classroom or for self-study. Between these covers, Gripman narrates the essential chapters of American history, written at an intermediate reading level and accompanied by original sketches and charts to deepen reader recall. In selecting the chapters to include, she drew on the questions frequently asked on exams, including the SAT college entrance exam, the USCIS naturalization/citizenship test and other certification tests, which immigrants commonly encounter, making the book a practical way to prepare for testing.

The unique value of this books rests on its style–an appealing narrative of our national story. After looking at other available educational materials, Gripman decided not to distill America’s story into a series of dry facts to be memorized. Writing in a compelling style, her book is ideal for any reader who wants an overview of the essentials of American history.

KathleenKathleen Gripman is an English as a Second Language (ESL) professional and cross-cultural specialist. She is the Owner and President of SLS Associates, LLC a metro-Detroit based business that provides personalized English language learning with accompanying cultural lessons to expatriates and their families while on assignment in the United States. She cares about her students’ overall success and strives to create positive experiences for both internationals coming to the United States and for U.S. personnel moving to other countries for employment or education.

This broad-based approach led her to develop American History Made Easy to fill a gap she found in most programs teaching ESL students the essentials of American History. Her awareness of cross-cultural challenges includes living in various European countries for five years.

American History Made Easy
Kathleen Gripman, Author
Published by Step Up Success
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Publication Date: August 15, 2017
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